Thursday, June 15, 2006

Richard Conrad Henry

Born in Turin, Italy in 1964, out of necessity rather than free will. Escapes the Italian madness when he moves to the Netherlands in 1981. Four years later he makes an important discovery after having written his very first short story( ‘A strange brew ‘-168 pages long), which is…lack of discipline. It's impossible for him, however, to stay away from ‘the word’.

Influenced by authors like C.Bukowski, H.Miller, W.S Burroughs, he tries to capture his thoughts with poetry. It’s only in 2002 that he succumbs to the urge of submitting his work to poetry magazines and ‘on-line’ poetry sites.

His work has been printed in India, USA, Canada and the U.K. and can be found on some cyber sites across the Web.

While waiting for his second poetry collection ‘Vanishing With A Curse’ to be released, Mr. Henry has picked up the old love for music, dusted it off and is working on an album at the present time. Calls his music a mix of Alternative Blues/ Folk with a slight hint of Country.

R.C.Henry's the name and scribbling my thoughts on paper is my game.

Nothing weird about that, you may think, but what if those thoughts get published across the globe, on-line and in-print, in magazines and anthologies and...oh no! even in a grotesque looking, loud & merciless, personal and much appreciated collection called ' The Zydeco Zombie Dance', would that make you curious?

Maybe not.

Unless, of course, reading about semi-surrealistic word paintings, chalked with alcoholism, sprayed with insight, dripping with brilliant lines and a good dose of sheer madness doesn't stir your waters, that is.


Richard Conrad Henry


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