Friday, August 11, 2006

Mak Wolven

Mak (pronounced Mock) Wolven is an Americana artist transplanted to the Hague from the states. Having toured the U.S. in the Northeast, the South and Texas, that universe unto itself, he is enjoying the diversity of talented musicians in Europe. "I feel at home here and appreciate the focus of fellow artists. It's not merely a lifestyle choice by the musicians I've met but a commitment to an artistic endeavor."

His influences range from the Byrds to Gram Parsons along with a dose of the Hansons, Steely Dan and Suzanne Vega. Wolven feels that Americana is a forgiving genre that allows for stepping outside of the box. "I liked the Beatles because of their diverse songwriting skills. If you didn't like one song.. the next one might be better.. or different."

Living in the Hague has proven to be fertile ground for a new series of songs for his second CD "Borders and Fences" now being recorded. One of the new featured artists on, his music is a reflection of where's he's been with of a healthy dose of where he wants to go.



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