Thursday, August 03, 2006

Orson Sven

Orson Sven is a singer/songwriter active in The Hague, Holland. In the city's local music scene he's known as front man of the band Noblesse, an indie-rock power trio, but Orson has also been developing acoustic material, some from Noblesse's repertoire and some more low key numbers he collected along the years, as well as a few covers. He's performed with this collection of songs both with the band as well as solo.

Orson's songs are rooted in a love for many streams of music, ranging from folk through blues up to alternative rock and punk. Orson's short and compact compositions deal with a subject matter which tip toes between the autobiographical and the fantastic. Blending his personal, real life experience with gross exaggerations and alter egos, Orson creates little understated dramas.

Orson has a little mobile recording set up and would be glad to cooperate with other singer/songwriters in any kind of way; collaboration, recording, production or accompaniment. He also has vast experience in the performing arts and would like to get involved in theater and dance productions.

06 11045949


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