Friday, September 22, 2006

From the V.I.P. seats... II

Like i should do on a weekly base, which i “forgot” to do several weeks already, I’m reviewing the nights at Savanna. Last Thursday, Jesse Edmond and Mak Wolven played in Savanna. If you think that songwriter music is alternative, you could be right. Jesse is a really special case. With an international touch, he plays his own songs in the purest possible way. A while ago I saw him perform with a drum computer, but a few weeks later even with a notebook on stage. This Thursday we saw him without any electronical equipment, just purely with an acoustic guitar. Though it is still rhythmic as it was with the computers guiding him. With a very own style, he manages to get the audience to listen. His interesting way of playing makes you have to listen on.

Practically the same goes for Mak Wolven. To be honest, I haven’t seen him play before, but the more it was a surprise to see him. Fanatic fingerpicking with surprising lyrics. Even funny lyrics sometimes. In Savanna, I still have a little bit the idea that there aren’t that many people, but face it, it is on a Thursday, throughout the week, and concerning that, it is even quite full halfway the evening. Not too many people dining, the more people having a drink and paying attention to the music being played. Again, this songwriting & dining session was something I wouldn’t want to miss.

Cheers, and till next Thursday,



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