Sunday, September 10, 2006

Tricky Theatre Season starts again

Two years ago I had a period of two weeks where I had no job... oh what bliss.. sadly it didnt last and I was catapulted back into an office in no time at all.. but in those two weeks I had a great chance to thoroughly search out what was going on in nooks and crannys of the songwriting world in Holland, one of the places I came across was Tricky Theater. I got Jaap to make a phonecall, we got given a date to play straight away, and recommended that I pop along to a night beforehand to know what to expect. So Jaap and i jumped in the car (yes, he had one back then.. ah the good old days) and sped off to Amsterdam.
Beside Central Station, right on the water, first you walk past the Botel, the smaller Chinese restaurant, and parked beside is a smaller boat.. the Tricky Theater. And Tricky it is, looking from the outside you wouldnt realise how super-gezellig it is on the bottom deck... we were greeted by Woody, the owner and resident magician of the craft. Merel was the host of the evening, and she started off the proceedings by entering on a stage that came out of the roof.. so it was legs, legs and more legs, then Merel herself, strumming on an electric guitar with one of her typically sunny, sarcastic songs.
The Valkspoeler evenings are intimate and humerous- taking the form of a radio show, with jingles in between, and a fast pace - 15 minutes per singersongwriter ensures that you are never bored. And the last time I played there myself, Merel had a little gameshow as well. Hans does a great job of the sound on the small boat.
Definatly recommended for a good night out in Amsterdam - the food is fantastic, if you are lucky Woody will get up and do some majic tricks during your meal. Even the menus have a great sense of humour!
You can also check out videos of performances by going to and searching for Vlakspoeler.
This upcoming Thursday the next season kicks off, so September 14 if your in Amsterdam or close its definalty worth a visit


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