Sunday, October 01, 2006

DHSG in Lokaal Vredebreuk - Jascha and Dennis

This Sunday will be the first guild evening in Lokaal Vredebreuk! Trust me, Jaap and myself have got some pretty interesting programming lined up for the next few months. Kicking off the season is Jascha. He emailed me a couple of weeks after the guild went public. I promised him that if he turned up at the open mic night in Savanna that he would definatly get a chance to play, as he travelled quite a way to get here. He is a very accomplished singersongwriter, with high quality guitar plaing and a beautiful voice. His songs are sensitive and fragile, its really very good music. He hits that fine line of songs that are simple enough to be catchy, and yet with enough subtle twists in them to keep the more advanced listener entertained. So I had to book him officially as soon as I could!

The second artist of the evening is Dennis Flinterman, the lead singer of local band the Delivery Men. To be honest I have never seen his band perform, so i cannot really say much about it in advance, but the high quality of the tracks on his band website promise a lot! Myself I also play solo as well as in a band, so its always interesting to see how other artists handle it.
I hope you can make it along to check out these two performers. And I have to work on Monday morning too, so thats just no excuse!!


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