Tuesday, October 03, 2006

From the V.I.P. Seats - Jascha and Dennis Flinterman

It was somewhat of an initiation. For us (Jaap and Kat), that is. This was the first time the Den Haag Songwriters Guild presented an evening in Lokaal Vredebreuk. Last Sunday, 1 October, were performances from Dennis Flinterman from the Delivery Men and Jasha van Roij, also known as Gewoon Jascha. Jascha has demonstrated his abilities more than once in the Dutch scene, as the lead singer of Spoiler and the organiser of Cafestival, which is a variety show that takes place in four fixed locations, as well as touring round the country, and presents the works of comedians, singer songwriters, writers, poets and cabaret performers. Tonight he also proved his strength as a musician. True to the rock and roll cliché, he arrived at the venue precisely at 9pm. This was basically because he had to travel all the way from Nieuwegein, and the Dutch Railways are well-known to hold a grudge against those who dare to travel in the weekends. Slightly flustered, he took his place on the stage a few minutes after nine. It was still a bit quiet in the venue when he started playing, although there was a great atmosphere. After a set of roughly an hour long, which was terrific, with some positive, uplifting tunes but also some more serious songs, it was time for Dennis to take the stage.

Usually Dennis performs with his band, the Delivery Men, but for this occasion he played solo for the very first time. So tonight was also an initiation for him! It was almost impossible to tell that he hadn’t played solo before, and the audience, which had in the meantime increased, was really enthusiastic about his music.

To be honest we found that the evening was finished a little too early, but we were also finding our footing on our first evening of organising things there in Lokaal. All in all it was a successful evening, and if we can get a decent public there next time, the next session on 8 October with Mak Wolven, Vera and Rene Kaaij, promises to be a cosy evening with great music.


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