Monday, October 23, 2006

From the V.I.P Seats - Lokaal Part Four

Since it was the Haags Pop Week this week, and every one had a reason to go out and see live music every night of the week, I was pleasantly surprised that there was once again a good turnout on Sunday night. There were quite a few singer songwriters there, who came to check out their colleagues in action. So it was an attentive audience, and the expectation was high. Our performers were R.C. Henry, Margot de Graaff, and Jane on the Roof (Hester den Boer). Jaap had to work until 10pm, and he normally takes care of the sound, there was a bigger responsibility that usual on my shoulders. Thanks to public transport (Tram 6 wasn’t running) I was 15 minutes too late, and had to set up the stage in three seconds flat. Luckily the amount of gear required for singer songwriters can fit on a postage stamp, so in ten minutes we were ready to go.

RC Henry took his Dobro out of its case and did what he had to do. The atmosphere was set from the moment he hit his first chord. He immediately had the full attention of the public and was able to hold this throughout the set with ease. The sound of the Dobro invokes the Deep South, if you close your eyes you’re on the side of a swamp in a small town in the southwest of the USA. His song “Seven Deadly Sins” was a perfect example.
Margot continued the happy theme of Heaven and Hell, she sang a great song about whether she was going to end up in heaven or not! The small problems I had with the sound in the first set were gone by this time, and Margot’s beautiful alto voice resulted in a fantastic set. Her strong guitar playing and catchy choruses kept the audiences attention, and their enjoyment was obvious. After the gig she told me that she had really enjoyed it and was keen to play at guild events again in the future. If it was up to me she would be playing again at the very next gig we put on! But everybody needs to get their chance….
Jane on the Roof was next. She performed mostly solo, but her friend added some extra vocals here and there. With Jane it’s all about her voice. She has an extremely unique sound. She sounds as if she stepped straight out of the middle ages as a folk singer. Some of the public didn’t quiet know how to take it, but those who “got” it paid close attention.
Jaap turned up just as Jane on the Roof had finished. Upon special request from him, she played an extra set, and this bought us also closer to the agreed finishing time of midnight.
Once again it was a successful evening and a great collaboration between the songwriter’s guild and Lokaal Vredebreuk. A well filled venue made it a night to remember, not only for the public but also for the performers themselves.
Till next week!


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