Thursday, October 19, 2006

From the V.I.P. Seats - Lokaal Part Three

Last Sunday was also a cosy gathering of the songwriter’s guild in Lokaal Vredebreuk. I’m starting to get the impression that more and more people are aware that it’s happening every week. In the first week about 20 people made the effort to get out and listen to the performers, but in contrast last week we found ourselves in a comfortably filled Lokaal Vredebreuk, listening to songs from Boudewijn, Orson Sven (Noblesse) and Kat Leese (Katbite). I must admit that Kat and I were a fraction on the late side getting there (why do people ALWAYS call on the landline right when your trying to leave the house?), and it was already decently filled when we arrived. The main disadvantage was that we had to try and create a path through the audience to get all the gear to the stage.

Once everything was in place, it was time for Boudewijn to begin. Boudewijn has been playing in this current formation for a short time, with a bass player. The music sounded refreshing and much more melodious that it would have done without the bass guitar. The songs themselves also added to this brightness and for a debut it was quite well-rounded and complete. Listening to the chatter in the audience afterwards, it was clear that the public also enjoyed it.

After Boudewijn, it was Orson’s turn to make a contribution to the evening. He played quite a few songs off the new Noblesse CD, “Sound the Alarm” which will be released officially at the beginning of November, but is available at their gigs. He sold quite a few copies afterwards (including one for the DHSG admin private collection). He played a varied repertoire and had good audience interaction, and after every song a hearty applause came from the public.

Kat closed the evening, also performing a number of new songs. Some of them were from the new Katbite CD, “Sweet Rebellion”, but also some even newer songs that will not be on the CD. Unlike last week, it was still quite busy in Lokaal during the last act. Even from the back of the venue, where several people were playing darts, there came applause after each song.

All in all it was a successful evening, thanks to the enthusiastic and attentive audience which turned up on the night.

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