Monday, October 09, 2006

From the V.I.P seats - Lokaal Vredebreuk Part Two

The second evening of the Den Haag Songwriters Guild in Lokaal Vredebreuk went more smoothly that the first one. It seemed that more people knew where to find it. When at 9pm the first performer of the evening, Mak Wolven, began playing, it was still on the quiet side, but soon more interested listeners appeared. Mak’s unique style, with songs about his origins, and the reason that he’s here, created an atmosphere where pretty much everyone was listening attentively.

After Mak had played, we systematically moved along the stage one meter, where the piano for Rene Kaaij stood prepared. It had taken some fuss before the whole evening began to try and find cables that didn’t exist, but it was there, and how. Renee played a lot of songs from his new cd that he is releasing before the end of this year. Fresh, poppy songwriter’s music, a lot of positive energy, but also serious moments, ensured that everybody sat with open mouths, giving their full attention to the talented performer. As there was plenty of time on the Sunday evening, Rene also played a few extra songs, including some older material, and a song he had originally written on the guitar at age 17, and this he performed for the first time ever on piano. All in all it was a very successful set, with a lot of humorous banter mixed in between the songs. He has an infectious laugh, which is one of his trademarks.

The last, as in “last but not least” set of the evening was provided by Vera. Vera is a singersongwriter from Rotterdam who also performs regularly with her band, but this evening played solo. Although the bar was a bit noisy at the start, during her quieter songs, she knew how to cut through it and grab the public’s attention. It seems that she missed having her band behind her, and got the audience so involved that soon there were people quietly clapping along and even (somewhat louder) singing backing vocals in the songs! As the evening was drawing to a close, people began to leave the bar, but she still kept entertaining those who stayed until the end. I can't forget to mention the last song of her set, a cover of John Denver’s “Leaving on a Jet plane”, where everyone was singing along sensitively, it was very beautiful. Normally I would say that covers don’t belong on a singersongwriters evening, but I couldn’t think of a better way to end this 2nd edition of the DHSG in Lokaal Vredebreuk. Next Sunday we are back there again, this time with Orson Sven (Noblesse), Boudewijn (ex. Black Heart Betty) and Kat Leese (Katbite) filling the evening with an acoustic ending to your weekend.


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