Monday, October 02, 2006

From the V.I.P. seats...(Katbite, RC Henry & Open Mike with Alex Akela, Hanneke Laura & Jesse Edmond)

This Thursday it was open mike again, This meaning a great ambiance for some nice singer-songwriter music. Besides the booked artists for the night, which were RC Henry and Kat(bite) Leese, we had three other songwriters bringing some tunes to the night. Kat started off with a good set. With her awesome vocals she could easily get the audiance's attention on some of the brand new material she played. I forgot to charge the batteries of the digital camera before we went to savanna, so we couldn't take any pictures during the set Kat played. I was assuming she would play another set, but when there were 3 songwriters there for the open mike, we decided not to do so. Later, on special request, she played two more songs, so i grabbed my cam to make some average pictures.

When Ric started his set, i was smart enough to use the digital camera to make some nice shots. For some reason, Ric & the background in savanna turned out to be a great combination for some pictures. His music is quite typical, about bank robberies, etc. You can certainly notice that he does poetry as well.

When Ric was finished, it was time for Alex to play. Alex Akela is a songwriter from Nijmegen, and i must say it was fucking worth it that he got all the way to the hague. A bit shy, but that had its charmes too, it is a way to bring your songs quite a lot more serious.

When Alex was finished, it was Hanneke Laura's turn. Hanneke is a songwriter i met a few weeks ago in Savanna as well, and i must say that she has been really enthousiastic since. You can find that in her songs as well. Loads of enthousiasm make it a nice mix of sweetness, sarcasm and honesty.

Last, but not least of the night was Jesse. What more can i tell about him, he knows what he's doing, though he played here in savanna not so long ago. It was a nice surprise to see him here at the open mike night, unannounced. His specific style gets everyone to listen.


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