Monday, October 30, 2006

The guild is having another baby soon!

After our first child, Savanna left home and went on without the guild for a while, we decided that we had to look arount for other places where we could do gigs on a regular basis. At the very beginning, we knew that Savanna was probably only going to be for 2 months, so in august we were already in discussion with Lokaal Vredebreuk to start something there on a weekly basis. So we did. Tonight the fifth succesful night will be there already, and many, many more are still to come.

Besides the weekly gigs in Lokaal Vredebreuk, we are starting in Januari in café Murphy's Law. A cosy café what is perfectly suited for singer-songwriters. Café Murphy's Law is known for their weekly jamsessions (jazz) on mondaynights, and now they want to do something with singer-songwriters as well. It is located at the Dr. Kuyperstraat 7, which is just around the corner from where tram 9 stops for the first time after "het Malieveld". 2 tramstops from central station, means an ideal place to bring others along, coming from further away. We are going to start booking artists for these nights soon, so if you are interested in playing there, send us a demo and biography, or just contact us by mail if you are already a member of the guild.

Ofcourse, the nights in Lokaal Vredebreuk will continue as is.

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