Wednesday, October 25, 2006

This Sunday in Lokaal Vredebreuk

This sunday it is already the fifth edition of Den Haag Songwritersguild presents in Lokaal Vredebreuk. This week Ton Jenner, Natalie Hagen and JopLin will perform their own material. As far as i know, both Natalie and JopLin will be playing as a duo, so that's 5 musicians for tonight. We don't have any demo material of Natalie yet, but you can find some information about Ton here . If you go to the cd part of his site, you will find links to listen to the tracks he produced in the past. Ton is also a well known producer in the songwriterscene, with off course, a lot of experience with songwriters. If you're interested, come on sunday and have a chat with him after his gig. JopLin, has got a website that is a piece of art on itselves. you can find it here Info about them is a bit limited on the site, but on their myspace, there's a lot more information to be found. I hope to see you all next sunday in Lokaal Vredebreuk!

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