Sunday, June 17, 2007

Midvliet FM - 1PM today

Listen live on the internet to Stephan from the Stephan Poppel Band live on Radio Midvliet at 1pm this afternoon (yes, today, Sunday). Hows that, you dont even have to get out of bed... hang on if your reading this then you probably... never mind... heres the link anyway so tune in and check it out...

Funny thing is this is the 3rd time the DHSG has featured an artist on Kakophonie (this will be happening every 2nd weekend from now until further notice) we still havent had one single native Dutch guest. Haha maybe next time... This week is no exception.. Arme Peter, has to do all the interviews in English. Oh well its good practise for him ;-)

Tonight his band will be playing in Lokaal also, aside with a plethora of Gorichem-based minstrels (say that with a mouth full of cheese); Joeke Knijft, Electric Honey, and Donna at 9pm tonight, as per usual, in the Papestraat in Den Haag


Midvliet Website

Website Stephan Poppell and the Wolfpack Band


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