Friday, July 06, 2007

This sunday in Lokaal Vredebreuk - a short overview

As usual, we introduce the three acts that will be playing next sunday, for your information, and just to make you more curious to come over and enjoy the music.

Marsha is a singer-songwriter from zeeland (sealand, southwest of holland), sometimes she shows up just by herself, but quite often she brings some guest musicians along to enforce her songs even more. Her warm soulvoice and her countrylike guitarsounds make her music pretty unique. Far in the background, if you listen well, you can definetly hear the influence of Neil Young in her music. In 2005, Marsha got entitled the award for best singer-songwriter in "de Zeeuwse Belofte", a commonly known competition, representing the whole music scene of Zeeland. She will probably come with her percussionist on sunday, bringing her songs in a fragile, acoustic environment.

Lara Sprangers is one of the new members of our guild. with her 17 years, she is also one of the youngest members of the guild. Her repertoire came together bit by bit in the past years, she always loved to sing, so just by trying to fit the right sentences together, she sang her songs together, pure as it is. In spring 2005, she recorded a cd with three songs, being an immediate hit for relatives, friends, classmates and more. An awesome voice is her main instrument, as she says herself.

Scissor salad is a band with various influences like blues, rock, jazz, ska and many more. They solely play their own material which comes from the different band members. They all come from Delft and started off as an enthousiastic group of musicians on their school. The band exists of 5 members, but even without a drummer they manage to keep their set tight as it can be. Their music is quite experimental, but i am sure that everyone will enjoy this.

If somebody wants to take photos of the night and send them to me, or maybe somebody wants to borrow his camera to me for a night, because Kat needs the camera for other purposes this weekend. Call me or send me a mail, thanks!