Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Loads of Singersongwriters on HPC Winterfestival

The Den Haag Songwriters Guild is strongly represented at this year's HPC Winterfestival. 23 February in the HPC, the following artists will be performing:

4.00 Ton Jenner
4.30 Cecile Morel
5.00 Andrew Flett
5.30 Tino
6.00 Diftong
6.30 Stephna
7.00 The Weak and the Strong
7.30 Lukas Batteau
8.00 Winnie Harhuis
8.30 Jeroenorama
9.00 SuperMarijke
9.30 Wim Akkermans
10.00 Channah
10.30 Sound of Amnesia

And Spaceboy will be opening the festival on the mainstage

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