Thursday, May 01, 2008

Lokaal Vredebreuk, Luke Nyman, Bo Terry and Tony Chapman

This sunday, the 4th of may, Bo Terry and Luke Nyman will be performing in Lokaal Vredebreuk. Until a few days ago, we had Jupiter booked, but they had to cancel their gig due to pregnancy. Shame, since I was really wondering how they were going to be live. This means we still have a spot available. Who's in? send us a mail on the known address...

Luke Nyman is originally from the UK, but has been touring western europe for quite a while. Mostly with his band, but solo gigs are becoming more and more his speciality. His music can be described as popmusic with a bit of jazz and blues, influenced by Elvis Costello, Crowded House, Joe Jackson and somewhere covered with a Beatle-ish sauce.

Bo Terry is living in Amsterdam, loving life, owning her own booking agency, and mostly writing songs. She's been playing saxophone since the moment that she was still hoping to get a C-cup, piano, and since 2 years even the guitar can't escape her. I can promise you a gig full of variation.

I really hope to see you people around this sunday!

UPDATE: We've got a winner: Tony Chapman is going to be the 3rd act this sunday, we don't have any info yet, but his site is


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