Tuesday, November 14, 2006

From the V.I.P Seats - Lokaal once agan

First I want to apologise that the photos arent that great this time - I just dont have the same skills as Jaap does with a camera. sorry - kat

Last Sunday it was up to White Sands and Phinx to fill Lokaal Vredebreuk with their tunes. Because the standard of these musicians is so high we decided to leave it at two artists, to give them both more time to play.

White Sands bought a decent amount of fans along with them, so the place was decently filled at the start. Phinx, being from out of town, had bought somewhat fewer fans along with him, but as the first few chords rang out from the keyboard he got the attention of the White Sands fans, who turned their attention to the “foreigner”. This was Phinx’s second ever gig in Den Haag, and he deserves a bigger stage. He has a great talent in writing hooks, with cheeky text to go with it. Phinx is only one of the projects that Vincent Beijer does, besides the singersongwriter stuff he also produces sample cds, has a band (Eon) and writes music for commercials. When he’s working as Phinx, he’s really in the role of a “piano man”, with stories to tell. He put on a fantastic show, which has the public transfixed from beginning until end. This is not the last we will be seeing of him, mark my words.

After a short break it was White Sands’ honour to tread the boards. The contrast between the two acts was immediately obvious – Where Phinx is a creature made of hooks; White Sands is about mellow, organic layering of sound. They build up the songs in a specific way, so that after a few minutes there’s a really warm vibe coming from the stage. Pascal has a beautiful voice. It’s not out of place at all in the Americana genre, but he also has some songs where he’s a dead ringer for Leonard Cohen. Now and then the tuning of the band wasn’t 100 percent, but it wasn’t terribly distracting. In fact maybe I was the only one who noticed, as I didn’t hear anything about it from anyone else.

Ton Jenner was once again present, with his portable recorder, to capture some of the magic. These recordings will soon be available on the guild myspace page. There are already a few there from previous weeks. You can find the recordings at www.myspace.com/denhaagsongwritersguild

A big thanks to Ton for his help with all this. It’s awesome that people are enthusiastic about the guild, and do what they can to help.

There were a couple of guild members in the audience, but also present was Tino van Leeuwen, roving reporter for the local music website 3voor12 Den Haag. He will be putting an article on the site this week about the guild. Jaap was very late to the gig, as he had to work until 10pm on a telephone helpdesk, yes, on a Sunday, yes, it’s a wonderful job and he loves it. Jaap was able to provide Tino with a short interview, describing what we do, why we do it, how we do it, but most importantly who we do it for! While White Sands were packing up their equipment, Jaap and Tino chatted over a beer, before we headed off to our beds in joyous anticipation of Monday morning.

For those who missed it, you can check later this week on the myspace site, or if you’re that impatient of course you can check the websites of the artists themselves (see further down this page)
Next week there will also be a double gig, once again because the artists are so good – we have for you Lucky Fonz III and the Haagse band Slau

PS. Tino posted his view on the night on 3voor12 Den Haag, if you can read dutch, enjoy it here. if you can't, enjoy it even more!

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