Monday, May 29, 2006

Songwriter born after a visit to the zoo!

Renee Stevense was born precisely 9 months after a visit to the Antwerp Zoo. Against all expectations she became a singer.
The solitary podium beast gives it all. Short, upbeat melodies, tight bass licks and groovy vocals alternate and surprise at every turn.
Fed by varioud musical styles, she tries to constantly push the boundaries. She holds true that the blues is the basis of all modern music. She has played doublebass, covering playing West-African, Greek, South American (tango, meringue), regaae and much more.
Check out her website

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Cecile Morel

This is the first in a series of biographies on this site, in order to introduce the people who are involved in the Guild.

Cecile lets the words flow freely from her pen, records her voice onto minidisk, and then, with the help of a guitarist, adds the right chords. No matter which guitarist she works with, Cecile’s songs are described by listeners as “breathlessly beautiful”, "fairy-like" and "Typical Cecile”. Her style mixes a chopped salad of folk, country and pop music. She has performed extensively, one of the high points being a performance in the Filmhuispodium during the Binnenach festival in April 2006.Her influences include Jewel, Ricky Lee Jones and Alison Krauss. Cecile is currently working on a CD, a music video and a documentary

Monday, May 01, 2006

Acoustic Alley

In Acoustic Alley this Sunday 7 March, Nadine and Me will be performing. Eva is going to be joining them for some keyboards and backing vocals. Also performing is Markowski (who just scooped up the Grote Prijs van Zuid Holland) , Colin Black, Stud Muffins and loads more.

The address is Theater In de Steeg, Westeinde 165 a

It starts at 12noon and goes through til 21.45 and its free!

So check it out