Monday, May 12, 2008

ASG CD Release videos

check it out. what a fantastic night!!!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

2008-05-11 in Lokaal Vredebreuk

This afternoon at 1pm Elders (the band of Jesse Edmond) is performing on Radio Midlviet in the program Kakophonie. Later tonight he is in Lokaal Vredebreuk, also Jack Stafford Foundation and Margreet will be performing

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Zondag 11 mei organiseert het Amsterdam Songwriters Guild (ASG) in Club Bitterzoet het eerste officiële Amsterdam Songwriters Festival. Met een selectie van bekende en minder bekende namen wil het festival een overzicht bieden van de hoofdstedelijke singer-songwriters scene.

Op dit festival zal ook het eerste officiële ASG verzamel-album worden gepresenteerd: 'ASG presents: Songs, Vol. 1'. Deze verzamelaar, met daarop 20 artiesten, zal vanaf 12 mei in de winkel liggen voor een adviesprijs van 6 euro.

Club Bitterzoet, Amsterdam (Spuistraat 2), 20.00u, 5 euro
Artiesten: Leine, Arthur Adam, Lucky Fonz III, Davie Lawson, M-Jo, Ro Halfhide, Lake Montgomery, The Woodwards, Charles Frail en meer.

Love Poetry Hate Racism 2008

Celebrating Diversity across the Spoken World

In Den Haag met:
Rob Gee (UK)
D.O.M. (poëziepopgroep)
Mujsin Al Sarraj
Katbite (singersongwriter & percussionist)

Open podium: 1 gedicht per persoon max. 2 minuten

Presentatie: Diann van Faassen

HOTEL´T CENTRUM (Veenkade 6, Den Haag)

´There were somewhere close to 50 events held all over the globe starting in Galway, Ireland on the 11th of April through to Brisbane on the 25th April, Sydney on the 27th and the final event will take place at The Hague in early May. With events in Belfast, Derry, Dublin, Brisbane, Warschau, Wenen, New York, Londen, Singapore, Manchester, Auckland, Minneapolis, Sidney, Melbourne, Devon, Perth, Galway

Stadsdichter Harry Zevenbergen besloot met deze avond aan te sluiten bij een internationaal initiatief van een groep dichters uit Belfast. Vanaf eind april zijn er in zo´n 40 steden over de hele wereld poëzieavonden georganiseerd.

Over het ontstaan van ´Love poetry, hate racism´:

Love Poetry Hate Racism is een initiatief van een groep Noord-Ierse dichters om culturele diversiteit en tolerantie te promoten d.m.v. poëzie en gesproken woord. Ieder jaar worden dichters over de hele wereld gevraagd om rond eind april literaire evenementen te organiseren.

Love Poetry Hate Racism is ontstaan in Belfast waar het aantal racistische aanvallen op de groeiende populatie van etnische minderheden de laatste jaren snel toenam. Omdat het probleem van vreemdelingenhaat, Islamafobie niet alleen speelt in Noord-Ierland is besloten voor een wereldwijde aanpak te kiezen. Gericht tegen alle vormen van discriminatie of dat nu op basis van geloof/levensovertuiging, afkomst, huidskleur of seksuele geaardheid is.

Love Poetry Hate Racism is een oproep van schrijvers en dichters om racisme te bestrijden door op poëtische wijze diversiteit te vieren.

Love Poetry Hate racism wordt in Den Haag mogelijk gemaakt door:
Singersongwritersguild, Hotel ´t Centrum, Stichting Stadsdichter
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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Lokaal Vredebreuk, Luke Nyman, Bo Terry and Tony Chapman

This sunday, the 4th of may, Bo Terry and Luke Nyman will be performing in Lokaal Vredebreuk. Until a few days ago, we had Jupiter booked, but they had to cancel their gig due to pregnancy. Shame, since I was really wondering how they were going to be live. This means we still have a spot available. Who's in? send us a mail on the known address...

Luke Nyman is originally from the UK, but has been touring western europe for quite a while. Mostly with his band, but solo gigs are becoming more and more his speciality. His music can be described as popmusic with a bit of jazz and blues, influenced by Elvis Costello, Crowded House, Joe Jackson and somewhere covered with a Beatle-ish sauce.

Bo Terry is living in Amsterdam, loving life, owning her own booking agency, and mostly writing songs. She's been playing saxophone since the moment that she was still hoping to get a C-cup, piano, and since 2 years even the guitar can't escape her. I can promise you a gig full of variation.

I really hope to see you people around this sunday!

UPDATE: We've got a winner: Tony Chapman is going to be the 3rd act this sunday, we don't have any info yet, but his site is


Hi People,

Since it has been a while that the last update was made on this site, i will explain a little.

From october till february, Kat has been running the guild on her own, because i was on the other side of the country for several reasons. In this time, Kat was very busy with her own band as well, causing mail to be left behind, programming not being round, and more.

I have been trying to catch up as much as possible, we got the june programming round (see the in the right column of this blog), with some awesome acts for you to come. In June, we also host our own stage on Kaderock, we do a gig in the HPC, we have 3 afternoons on midvliet, and last but not least, we got our sundayafternoon on the last sunday of the month. We haven't been lazy, and especially Kat has been working her ass off the past months. Respect to her!

We are still running the guild out of our own pocket, so while I'm at it anyway, please consider making a donation to us, so we can do even more to the singer-songwriterscene in The Hague. We've definetly put Den Haag on the map of songwriterhotspots in the Netherlands, but there's so much more to do. Thank you all for your support, as we silently celebrate our 2 year existance this month. No time for parties, there's so much more work to do.

Anyway, have you seen the new logo? Let me know what you think of it! See you this sunday in Lokaal!

All the best,